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About Us

Our Story.

Our co-founders have been friends for almost a decade, but had never dreamt of working together to start a business, more so in a trait that is being shunned by many people due to social stigmas.

It was not until Lauren lost her eldest sister Jen in 2016. Jen's sudden departure caught Lauren off-guard. Having to go through a tough period of preparing prayer offerings with no prior knowledge, the idea of setting up a kimzua business struck Lauren - to help people who are in the same unfortunate situation as she was.

Her idea developed quickly after an occasional chat with Billy, who was then looking for potential business venture opportunities. Lauren and Billy then decided to partner and kickstart this kimzua business in May 2017.


Our Hopes and Dreams.

We hope that GotKimZua is not only an e-commerce kimzua shop, but also a platform for people to learn, share and pass down traditions and customs. We're excited to set up our blog to share about interesting facts that little may know about these Chinese traditions and customs.

We constantly source for lower cost products that do not compromise on quality. We dream that one day we will be able to manufacture quality kimzua and also be part of the social enterprising scene.


Meet Us.