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Hungry Ghost Festival 2019: When to pray, har?

7th month is around the corner and what we know about it?

Here, let's get you started on what's happening for this year. 7th month, also what we call Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, takes up the most of August in 2019 this year.

7th month: 1 - 29 August 2019

You might think, question: OK, so when to pray for 7th month? We usually see people praying at night, typically at the start, mid and at the end of every 7th month. But what's "correct"?

Answer: According to the chinese calendar, 11pm marks the start of a "new day" unlike what we are used to in the modern system, taking 12am as the "new day". This is also the reason why you'd see many people praying at the void decks and along curbs on the night before the first day of 7th month.

So, you can start your 7th month prayers on 31 July 2019, from 11pm onwards!


Question: And why do people pray during 7th month?

Answer: 7th month is a lunar month where we believe spirits could roam our mortal world and in fact, 7th month prayers have evolved much over the years in Singapore. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that people pray in hopes of maintaining harmony with the spirits who are “out and about” in our world, and hopes of the business men that business will run smoothly throughout the year.

The general practice is where people will pray twice throughout the lunar month, typically once at the start and the other at the end of the 7th month. Corporates usually have a one-off event where they gather all employees to pray for a good year of work ahead.


Adding to this festive season, we'd love to take the opportunity to help make the community a better place. Please burn joss paper in the burners or containers provided by the town councils and estate managements so that the ash will not fly everywhere. Together, we can prevent fire hazards.

(This is not a sponsored paragraph, we promise.)


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