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How to Fold: Joss Paper Ingot | 折元宝

We thought it was quite apt to start our blog with a tutorial on folding a joss paper ingot, simply because that's where we drew our logo inspiration from.

Certain types of kimzua are folded into shapes that represents different meanings.

The yellow kimzua (往生钱, literally, Money for the Dead) is folded into an ingot to represent money, just like the olden days. It is believed that these ingots brings wealth to our ancestors in the other world. 

In this tutorial, we used one of the most commonly seen joss paper 往生钱 (wang sheng qian). You can also purchase this type of joss paper here.

Difficulty: 2/5

Used in: Ancestral Praying, Qing Ming Festival, Post-Funeral Prayers

Step 1: Take a piece of 往生钱 joss paper.
Step 2: Flip it over, and fold the bottom left corner towards the right.
Step 3: Fold the top right corner towards the left.
And it will look like this on the flip side.
Step Four: Fold the horizontally parallel sides towards each other to form the below shape.
Step Five: Fold the left triangle into half.
Step Six: Secure one side of the ingot by... 
Unfolding the right triangle, and
Folding it up again.
Step Seven: Flip it around, and fold the left triangle. Then securing into the right triangle.
Step Eight: It should look like this right now!
Step Nine: Gently open up the ingot from the bottom of the folded joss paper.
And you're done!


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